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Featured: An introduction to some Skyrocket Love

Feature by Marco - Feb. 22nd 2010

A few weeks back I was contacted by a guy named Merritt with the request if I would be interested in taking a listen to his band's music and share my opinion. After a few spins I came to the conclusion that they had some pretty great stuff going for them. So I figured it would be great if we could do something for them relating to theFonic. And so, after a few messages sent back and forth, they agreed to do an interview. With that our new featured section was born! Click or tap on past the break for the full interview and info about your favorite new band: Skyrocket Love.

Will - Sextape [+ Download]

Review by GJ - Mar. 4th 2010

After two succesful albums and Que's departure last december, things became awfully quiet surrounding Day26. Luckily for us Will Taylor (aka Will) broke the silence and gave all the lovers and non-lovers a gift this valentines day: "Sextape".

Omarion - Ollusion

Review by Mimo - Jan. 14th 2010

Four years after "21", Omarion gives us "Ollusion". And guess what? This is the -- Quick 'n Dirty -- review!

Robin Thicke - Sex Therapy

Review by Mimo - Dec. 12th 2009

Robin Thicke, while not the superstar he has the potential to become, delivered some great material these past years in the form of "A Beautiful World", "The Evolution of Robin Thicke" and "Something Else". This time around it's "Sex Therapy" on the review table.

Chris Brown - Graffiti

Review by GJ - Dec. 9th 2009

With 2 studio albums to your name, you've got to be ready to deliver on some pretty large expectations as an artist. After an ugly scene with ex-girlfriend Rihanna -- that divided the industry into two camps -- the ruling notion was that CB's career was over. Luckily for us he stayed focused and entered the recording studio to deliver us "Graffiti" as a result. The question on our minds: is "Graffiti" as "Exclusive" as "Chris Brown"?

Timbaland - Shock Value 2

Review by GJ - Dec. 6th 2009

When Timbaland unleashed his second solo album on to the world in 2007 he turned the industry upside down. Singles like 'The Way I Are' (ft. Keri Hilson & D.O.E) and 'Apologize' (ft. OneRepublic) took their rightful place at the top of the charts. After having a disagreement with protégé Nathaniel 'Danja' Hills, Timbaland turned to co-producer J-Roc to help score every track on Timbaland's third solo project. Can Timbaland deliver yet another shocking experience with "Shock Value 2"?

Rihanna - Rated R

Review by Mimo - Nov. 20th 2009

If you've been waiting then now is the time to rejoice because the 'wait is ova' for Rihanna's fourth studio album named "Rated R".

Wale - Attention Deficit

Review by Mimo - Nov. 8th 2009

"They keep sayin' whale, but my name Wale" don't worry about forgetting that little nugget of info 'cause he'll remind you of that fact plenty on his official debut dubbed "Attention Deficit".